Magic Bookings

Lukas Baeskow is a magician with over a decade of experience performing for groups of all sizes and demographics: Family & Children, Professional/Corporate, Formal and Casual Events.

Family Magic Shows: Funny, Entertaining, Educational:

A Show of Awe and Wonder!

Experienced in children’s performances for many years, Lukas offers magic shows for birthday parties, Kindergartens, (pre-)schools, community centers, and more in both English and German!

The kids will be actively engaged and entertained throughout the show and help Lukas master all of his tricks. Shows are suitable from the early age of 3 years of age up, as we cater the complexity of the performance to the age group, whether it’s primary or teenagers.

Lukas is known to create individualized shows and incorporates your party’s theme such as Circus, Animals, Princesses, or Pirates and creates unforgettable memories for the young guests. The parents will be entertained as well and typically enjoy the shows as “time off” from the bustle of hosting the party.

For Kindergarten and School programs, we also offer educational programs including shows centered on Recycling, Respect for Others, the Joys of Learning, and Discovery.

Adult Shows

Close-Up Magic: Professional Events, Small Groups

Social Events with an Intimate Flair!

For adults, Lukas’ broad range starts with close-up magic, performed directly in front of or for a small group at a time; the magic happens inside your own hands. This allows for a very intimate and personalized experience.

Close-Up Magic is most suitable for small groups, professional events, and open social gatherings. This allows for networking and conversation to continue while people can see the show in intervals throughout the event.

Stand-Up Magic: Birthdays, Galas, Weddings

Your Big Moment!

Lukas’ Stand-Up (or Mainstage) performances will enchant you and all your guests in an unforgettable and entertaining show. Created for larger audiences and events, Lukas will make your event even more memorable. Stand-up Magic best suits your next Birthday Celebration, Family Reunion, Wedding/Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Grand Opening, Fair, or Gala.

All at once you will be taken into the world of magic as Lukas delights the audience with his youthful energy and sharp wit. Fitted to your event in length and theme, we will individualize the show to fit your vision of a successful event.

Business Mini Magic Show: Take a Break and Recharge

Get Your Dose of Magic at Work!

Long day of business meetings? Re-energize your team with a quick magic break!

Business Mini Magic Shows are tailored for businesses of all kinds and performed as a short 5-10 minutes set. Include them as highlight in between your meetings or during the team lunch to re-energize everyone without stressing your schedule or budget!

Lukas will cater the show specifically to your team and incorporates your company’s agenda and branding.